June 12, 2016

Hell Is Other People

So are you going to cut your boobs off then?”

I don’t get how people could mutilate their genitals like that.”

How are you going to cope without a real penis?”

I don’t get why you’re considering your extended family in your decision making about transition.”

Why is it upsetting you that I call you she’, I mean gender is socially constructed anyway”

Gender is socially constructed so why does being transgender or hormones or anything actually matter?”

Now that I think of it, you were pretty sexist/sexually aggressive back in the day and now that I know you’re a guy that explains that.”

So are you getting the op’?”

Long hair makes you look too ambiguous”

Is the testosterone making you aggressive, because I think it is.”

It’s your job to educate other people about trans people.”

Men are all such sexist jerks.”

Trans men are literally the worst

Half-second expression of disgust and horror after introducing myself or telling someone I am transgender

Just man up.”

Men don’t get affected by sexism.”

Of course you would say that, you’re a man.”

You have no right to insist on male gender pronouns and you should be more understanding of other people adjusting to a big change.”

Well I don’t care I will never accept it”

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