June 23, 2015

Where I Have Been

I know it has been a long hiatus of several months, dear readers. So what has been going on?

Firstly I moved house for a new job. It was, as usual, a big undertaking and I got back things I had not seen in 2 years. In hindsight, many very useful things and also many very unnecessary things. I am still sorting through all these things.

Settling into a new job has been good, though busy and at times stressful. I am in a bigger hospital, one which is largely supportive and enjoyable to work at but like any hospital has its share of ups and downs. Good people as well as bad to work with. And of course the system is different everywhere.

I have managed to spend quite a bit of time introspecting. In a way I am catching up with a load of stuff that (annoyingly) everyone else got through when they were adolescents. Day by day I tend to feel more sure of myself, more contented overall (of course unless something in my everyday life is an issue). Unfortunately the above means that I have ended up having some frustrating conversations with my friends. No one is to blame as such- my friends are not trained counsellors, my issues around identity are complex, etc.

For one reason or another I had not had the time or mental energy to express myself online. Hopefully, now that I am in the middle of my holidays, I will have those things and I will write a bit more.

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