September 7, 2014

Wherefore Art Thou Tomás?

I suppose choosing a new name is something very few people do. Our name is given to us by our parents, and as such there is something special about it. My original, legal first name in fact means gift”. To a certain extent we grow into our names1.

Why Tom? It is a little arbitrary. As a kid, I remember thinking what my name would be if I was a guy and I guess T” and M” are my initials and I am not a Tim, but I do feel like a Tom. In addition, even though I am not a Christian, there is something about Doubting Thomas that I quite like- someone who questioned things, doubted things and wanted to see the evidence.

Why Tomás2? Well, I do not want to be one of those Asian people who arbitrarily picks a shortened English name (hah!) and Thomas seems a bit ordinary. Tomás is Gaelic, and I like it. Tomas without the diacritic is Swedish.

  1. Ah, nominative determinism

  2. Tomás

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